Shoes (to turn a head)

blok heelChoosing the best shoe to crutch in poses a number of difficult choices.  The first requirement is that it  not detract from the sexy look of the cast.  No tennis shoes here. Exposed toes painted the same color as the ones poking out of the cast is a good place to start. No stilettos either; too hard to balance on so why not block heels?  I am going to start with white 2.5 inchers and try and work up to big girl 3 inch stunners. Send me a comment if you have a better idea.

These worked best with scarlet nails

Tired of being stared at!

I guess my cast is a real head-snapper, but I am starting to fee like a freak every time I go out. I went out with three of my friends to a restaurant last night and had my cast propped up on a stool the waitress sweetly provided. Because I was wearing a wrap skirt that covered much of the cast everyone who stopped to gawk wanted to know how far up it went. I got tired of explaining it and told them to see for themselves.

Cramps! Yikes! My leg does not like being wrapped in rigid plaster.

Finally it has hit me; the agony of the bent knee full leg cast! I have stopped taking the codeine pain meds and the dreaded night pain and swelling of my leg have arrived. Hard to keep my leg elevated on a stack of pillows, but if I don’t and the cast slips off the pain floods in. I don’t want to become addicted to the meds, but I am going to have to risk it. ‘

Getting my leg reset!

The day began with the removal of my smelly, itchy cast followed by an alcohol bath!

That felt fabulous; the next step was a close shave of my nether religions that I had asked for hoping to make it easier to keep things clean, cleanable and odor free. That was like a Brazilian wax job; not much fun. Best part followed generous application of moisturizer to the entire region. Nurse who rubbed it in had a slow hand and a glint in her eye. That was the end of the fun for the surgeons entered and put me under a fluoroscope explaining that they were going to realign my fractured tibia by manually manipulating it into correct position for recasting. They asked if I wanted anesthesia as the entire process will be quite painful. I said yes and without much hesitation they gave me an injection in my poor broken leg. The pain was excruciating and left me trembling fearing what was next, but fortunately gas arrived and the injection began doing its job. I was give a sedative and an amnesiac: the next thing I saw was this:

My summer look!

Sweltering in Plaster

I went out to lie in the sun in a deck chair in the hopes that the warm sun would speed up the drying process. No such luck The warmth of the sun felt great, but after about 15 minutes I discovered that I was perspiring heavily inside my cast . I remember hearing that plaster casts don’t breath as well as fiberglass and now I know why people say that. Moisture in the cast feels dreadful and worst of all the cast odor has begun. I hope it wont turn my man off when he comes back to town to see me. I need him to attend to my toes.

brokenleg plaster leg cast toe to groin cast

Wet Plaster Cast

I am ready for this thing on my leg to get dry. I am told it does not reach full strength till its dry all the way through and until then I am to say in bed or on the couch. On this weekend I plan to crutch out and see some friends and show off my new boot. I am tired of sitting around looking at my leg as it dries. Trying to figure out what to wear to look my best: short shorts (awkward to get on and off if I have to go to the bathroom)? skater skirt ( with modesty panel to avoid gratuitous beaver shots)? Long skirt that hides my cast and teases the on looker only with my casted foot (mystery makes people look harder and want to know how far up it goes.? Maybe a skirt with a side slit and a platform heel on my good foot? Any viewer who has a thought should free free to pass it along. A friend just sent me this example of the slit skirt; I wish I had her chest. Her toes pointed down (torn Achilles ?) make her leg look long and vulnerable, as if a full leg cast and crutches is not enough!

Learning to Love a Full Leg Cast

I had my appointment at the clinic today: Good News is that my Achilles tendon has healed nicely and my foot has been returned to a normal position. Bad news is that my tibia has not fully healed so back in a full leg cast for the next six weeks; hopefully out by the 4th. Truth be told when they removed the old cast and moved my leg around I felt some pain and was relieved to know that my leg would be securely wrapped in plaster. I decided to write the good things about wearing a big full leg cast: surprisingly there are several.

  1. I love the snug fit of the padded cast.
  2. I like the smooth feel of the plaster
  3. I like the way it show off my new pedicure
  4. It shows off my long leg to good effect
  5. It drives men crazy; they all want to help me by picking me up
  6. I wear a short skirt and everyone wants to know how far up it goes. My answer is see for yourself
  7. I like the reaction guys have when they realize I don’t wear panties (too hard to put on when you cant reach your toes) and that my cast goes all the way to the top.
  8. Being so rigidly immobilized has an erotic aspect that leaves me aroused
  9. The powerful “O”s I get when my leg is immobilized; the best I have ever had
  10. More as I think of them; if you dear reader want to add to this list please do so.
  11. The feeling of wet grass between my toes when crutching in the park

One snug boot!

It will be a challenge to keep it clean for the next six weeks. But I am going to try because clean is sexy.